Sent: July 31st 2013
Sent to: Steven Harper <>
Sent to: Peter Braid <>


I have decided to write in regards to my concerns about Rogers, Bell and Telus. For a long time these carriers have been able to operate in a very closed and protected market; lacking efficiency,  innovation, and competition. Due to the complete lack of competition these carriers have had virtually no incentive besides the law to operate in a fair manner.

At this moment they are all fighting to ensure Verizon ( or any other potential player ) isn't able to get a decent foothold in our market. They have successfully been able to make past attempts by companies futile with the CRTC at their service. And even now at this moment, they are fighting the new wireless code which dictates only good concepts and fairness - a code that with adequate competition would never have been necessary to draft. Their response: to raise their plan rates by approx. 40%. Not just one carrier, but all 3 are doing this in unison. ( doesn't sound like they are competing or have a mind for fair play in the slightest )

Consider smart phone customers in Canada today:
The numbers show us that currently they charge ALL customers for hardware regardless if a consumer purchases a device through them or not. These charges are hidden inside of their plan costs and are not itemized. The maximum discount a subscriber can receive off of a device (retail price) is $500 - and it is estimated that each subscriber pays at LEAST $200 per calendar year of these hidden costs, meaning that the company has recouped their costs within 24 months. Publicly in response to having to change over to 24 month contracts; all 3 carriers are raising their smart phone plan rates by at least $25 monthly, that is an additional $600 (over the 24 months)  towards hardware!!! It is highly illegal to charge a consumer an interest rate of 50% annually, however these carriers have been able to get away with it because 1) the costs are hidden; 2) their is no real competition in the market.

The major investor behind Wind Mobile; who now regrets his decision said it best:
"The Canadian market and the three major companies are protected and pampered. If this wasn't true then how is it that they are not anywhere but Canada?"
I believe that he was right, and that these companies are too inefficient to remotely compete anywhere else.

About the Wireless spectrum:
"Robellus" ( Rogers, Bell, and Telus ) Have the majority of the spectrum already. Please, I implore you, DO NOT LET THEM HAVE ANY MORE. Do not let them buy anymore territory. At some point they need to learn words like: Fairness, Business, and Competition - and hopefully Customer Service too.

The way we keep pampering and protecting these companies; letting them get away with gouging consumers with a complete lack of accountability and fairness - is a global embarrassment for Canada.

Thank-you for your time;