Real Fair for Canada

It's time for 'Robellus' to grow up (Rogers, Bell, and Telus)

Protecting "Robellus" against fair-play and competition is a bad call for us Canadians.

Rogers, Bell, and Telus - have virtually no incentive to treat their customers with fairness and compete with each other. Competition is the ONLY thing that will keep them in check. The best improvements we have seen from them are a direct result of having to compete with new entrants.

Canadians Deserve Better from the Wireless Industry

Dear Robellus: Let's get real

Robellus is Concerned about Canadian Jobs

This must have been a concern for them when thousands of Canadians received pink slips, becuase they sent their jobs to countries like Tunisia, India, and The Philippines.

The Robellus Fair for Canada campaign is dishonest and a downright insult to our intelligence

What about Canadians' Privacy?

Robellus wants us to believe that they are looking out for our privacy. Was this a concern when operations were contracted to third party companies in different countries including the United States? Would that not mean our data is already accessible and subject to foreign laws and agencies? Let us not forget that the big 3 ALL have American upstream providers (Level3, Cogentco, and Metromedia to name a few) meaning all of our data funnels through nodes in the United States. Telus was especially considerate of our privacy when they built their LTE network using equipment from Huawei - a company which is suspected of spying for the Chinese Government and as Peter Nowak notes; are banned from providing telecom equipment in the United States and Australia.

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What Canadians are Saying

Get involved in this process.

Write your MP and write the Prime Ministers office! Tell them how you feel. Now is the time to get involved and share your feelings. Educate yourself on the facts and give the Government your take on the situation. It does not take long to write an email to Our PM Stephen Harper @ stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca